A Vogue Idea? Bi-Sexuality Isn’t a “Phase”


Recently model and actress Cara Delevingne did an interview with vogue where she came out as a bisexual woman. She gushed about her new relationship with lead singer of St. Vincent, Annie Clark and talked about how incredibly happy she is. Yet the article took a turn for the worst when the writer chose to describe Cara’s sexual identity as a “phase” and gave incredibly condescending “advice” that not only discredited her choices but also painted her authentic narrative as a troubled story. The author’s cringe worthy comment that, “Her parents seem to think girls are just a phase for Cara, and they may be correct” is a perfect example of a micro-aggression that many bisexual women receive.
There is a massive need for inclusion in our society of all sexual identities and to respect humans for their choices rather than disregarding them. We cannot only be supportive of sexual identities that are consistently in the media such as Gay men or Lesbian women. We must make a collective effort to create space for other identities, such as Trans people, bisexuals, pansexuals and many others.

Cara D twitter pictureWhile Cara has come forward to state she did not feel that the author of the Vogue article wrote the piece to be malicious. She has shared more about her experience and explained how the conversation surrounding bisexuals needs to change. This narrative that bisexual women are essentially ”confused” and that people will always be waiting to see if they ”go back to men” is harmful. It seeps into our culture and affects the way that women feel about their sexuality and often leads to self doubt or even self harm. Cara’s story is something that women can relate to and it feels authentic and complicated which is true for so many people.

In order for things to change media outlets like Vogue and other forms of influence need to stop marginalizing women and stop contributing to the delegitimization of their feelings and their experiences. These women are struggling for acceptance in the gay and straight communities and continuing this type of bi erasure is incredibly harmful. The bi community needs more representation in the media and hopefully Cara Delevingne’s voice and story will lead to more positive conversations surrounding this issue.

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Tiffany Alves

Tiffany attends Suffolk University in the beautiful city Boston and is Majoring in Politics, Law, and the Courts, and Minoring in Sociology. She recently returned from studying abroad in Madrid, Spain where she had the opportunity to visit 9 different countries. She plans to graduate in spring of 2016 and pursue a Masters Degree in Human Rights before attending Law School. Current events and Global issues are her passion, along with music, movies and Dunkin Donuts iced coffee.

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