7 Things Every Cubicle Needs

If you’re an office dweller, it may seem like your enthusiasm starts evaporating as soon as you walk into your cubicle. After all, those spaces aren’t always the most inspiring if you don’t take the time to improve them. As you’ll soon see, there are some essential things to add to your cubicle so it’s not only cooler, but helps ignite your creative spark.

After you’ve finished personalizing your space so it works better for your needs, you may find yourself feeling pleasantly surprised over just how much some carefully picked items can make you feel more excited about the place where you work, instead of less than enthused.

Live Plants

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People often feel frustrated about the fact that they work in offices, because that means they can’t spend very much time outside enjoying nature. If that sounds familiar, do the next best thing by bringing nature to you.

One of the easiest ways to do that is to stock your cubicle with at least one live plant. There are several benefits of doing so. Plants naturally add humidity in the air, which can make your workspace more comfortable. Furthermore, some people feel less stressed out when they’re around living things.

If you’re worried about the plant shedding leaves around your cubicle and creating a mess for the janitor, think about getting a cactus or a bamboo plant. Both of those options are interesting to look at, but very low maintenance.


Keeping some healthy snacks around can help you avoid making the trek to the office vending machine when hunger hits. Consider keeping some fresh fruits that don’t have to be refrigerated, like bananas, or buy individually sized boxes of raisins and packs of nuts. When you learn how to snack smartly, that can help you stay at a healthy weight and not worry about midday energy slumps.

A Pair of Headphones


Sometimes you just need to be able to take yourself away from the cubicle environment. That may not always be possible to do physically, because you have work deadlines to meet and other obligations to handle at the office. Fortunately, a pair of earbuds can be just the thing to help you momentarily escape workplace drudgery.

Even if you work in a job that doesn’t allow you to use earbuds for extended periods of time, it’s still worthwhile to keep a pair your cubicle so you can enjoy tunes or a podcast during a lunch break.


Snapshots of your family, friends and pets can help you cheer up when cubicle life is feeling a little stressful. Certain types of pictures might also prevent you from feeling so restricted if your cubicle is particularly small. For example, if you choose a snapshot from a recent trip you took to explore Colorado’s vast Rocky Mountains, that image could cause a healthy thought diversion that keeps your stress levels low.  A stylish frame can turn a photo into a focal point.

Some Stylish Desk Accessories


Many companies offer matching desk sets with no shortage of style. Be sure to check those out if you’re not in the mood to have a bland space. When you pick some items that have a theme that matches your personality, it allows you to show off your sense of style without doing something that may break office rules. Look for small, practical items such as pencil cups, cube notepads and desk calendars. If your cubicle features some metal parts, a magnet or two can help you keep track of small scraps of writing paper or receipts.

You probably spend a great deal of time figuring out what to wear in professional settings, so try giving the same dedication to the space where you demonstrate professional skills.

A “Happy Light”

When you’ve grown weary of sitting under the glow of fluorescent lights, there’s something you can buy to compensate. Special light sources that are collectively and casually called “happy lights” are personal-sized UV gadgets that create artificial sunlight and could help boost your mood.

Some people use them if they suffer from seasonal affective disorder, but you will likely notice the benefits of them even if you haven’t been diagnosed with anything by a doctor.

Sunlight streaming through your window might make you feel like a morning person when you rise to start the day. If that cheerful mood doesn’t last long, a specialized light may help boost your spirits again.

Image via Flickr.

Image via Flickr.

A Magnetic Poetry Kit

Filled with dozens of common and not-so-common words that have been made into slender magnets, a magnetic poetry kit can help keep your creativity levels high when you’re trying to focus on something that has a looming due date.

Many of these kits come in small, lunchbox-style cases, so you can easily stash one in your desk drawer and bring it out whenever your expressive abilities seem to be faltering. You may even find ways to make inspiring quotes from the words in your kit, which could help you stay upbeat when it matters most.

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