6 Reasons Why This Is The Perfect Summer Job

If you’re looking for a way to build your bank account, resume and wardrobe, this is it. Chloe + Isabel isn’t just any fashion jewelry brand–they’re all about empowering the entrepreneurial spirit in college students through their GEM (Growth, Empowerment, Merchandising) program. Intrigued? Of course you are. Check out all the perks below:

Chloe + Isabel for Smart Girls Group

1. You make bank.

When you’re part of the GEM Merchandising program, you make 25-40% commission on all personal sales. A couple sales could pay the gas for your next beach trip. A ton of sales? That could pay for your entire beach trip!

2. And you do it on your own terms.

Chloe + Isabel provides you with your very own Online Boutique for free! That means you get to pick the items you love from their line for your e-boutique  and still get a massive commission while working  on your own time..

Chloe + Isabel for Smart Girls Group

3. But you don’t go at it alone!

Feeling intimidated? Don’t. Chloe + Isabel has an Online Office and training video series that teaches you all you need to know about selling merchandise. And if you ever have any questions, your team leader/mentor  has your back.

4. How about that jewelry, though?

Of course the jewelry is cute and you want to purchase pretty much all of it, but did you know that you get an insane discount too?  Plus, every sale you make brings you closer to free jewelry credits to pick out pieces to add to our collection!

5. You could win BIG.

How does an internship at Chloe + Isabel headquarters sound? ? Or an all-expenses-paid trip to New York? Between those opportunities, shopping sprees, and one-on-one resume writing sessions, your chances to win are limitless.

Chloe + Isabel for Smart Girls Group

6. Plus, it really sets you up for your next job.

Because you’re learning skills in sales, marketing, merchandising, and social media, the Chloe + Isabel GEM program looks great on any resume. Don’t believe us? Just ask employers of GEM alumni such as Bloomingdales, Kate Spade, Julep, Madewell, and Kleinfeld.

So what are you waiting for?

Ready to jump start your career with the GEM program?  Apply for the GEM program by 11:59pm EST May 1st  for their Summer class!  Spots are filling up fast so apply today!


This post is sponsored by Chloe + Isabel. All opinions are 100% our own.

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