How to Make Cleaning Your Room Not Suck

Have you ever looked at yourroom and thought “how did my room get this messy”! Especially during the summer, we tend to spend more time in our rooms. Even if we don’t spend a lot of time in our rooms, they still miraculously get messy. To help you clean up the mess, we listed five tips to help you out!

Create A Playlist

Music can automatically change your mood. Create a fun and upbeat playlist that will keep your motivation going when you are cleaning your room. Spotify has great already created playlists that can help you get through agonizing activities such as cleaning.

This might be a bit more helpful when thoroughly cleaning your room but it can help to divide your stuff into 3 piles. One pile can be for dirty laundry, the other can be for donations, and the last can be for stuff you are unsure what to do with.

Open Your Windows

We tend to be more productive in well-lit spaces, so try to open your windows and shed some light on your mess. This way you can productively clean you room. You can see exactly what needs to be cleaned up and off your floors.

Disinfect Everything

The key to cleaning your room is to really clean. Sometimes we think that having a nice room is only getting to “look” clean, but it is also important to get your room to “be” clean. Make sure to vacuum, dust, and disinfect your space as this will promote health in your precious cave.

Donate, Donate, Donate

When you decide what items you no longer want in your room, make sure to donate them to people who might have to need for them. This will not only help others but will it will definitely motivate you to clean your room more often!

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