5 Museums You Have To Visit At Least Once

One of our greatest gifts is the gift to experience art, culture, and the world through means of revisiting the time that it was inspired by. Through visiting and exploring museums we have the opportunity to immerse ourselves in all different things, expanding our interest and knowledge in what museums have to offer. Having the chance to walk through a museum and surrender yourself to the world of what’s inside is an experience that will forever impact your life and view on the world. Although time to explore all museums would be ideal, below are five museums that, in visiting at least once, will give you five impacting experiences; ones that will stay with you until the end of time.

5 Museums You Have To Visit At Least Once

Museum of Modern Art (New York, New York)

The Museum of Modern Art, often referred to as the MoMA, is a classic staple of New York City- and for good reason. Visiting the museum, you can find works of paintings, illustrations, sculptures and much more. The exhibits focus on the works done from the late 19th century to current day, allowing the museum’s audience to view art from a contemporary standpoint. The exhibits have the ability to capture and engage all visitors, including departments such as Media and Performance Art, Architecture and Design, and Drawing and Prints. Leave the Museum of Modern Art with your expectations far exceeded, and delve into a new perspective of art the world is currently experiencing and expanding upon, in a city that inspires some of the greatest art you can see.

5 Museums You Have To Visit At Least Once

National September 11 Memorial and Museum (New York, New York)

Commemorating the attacks on the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001, the National September 11 Memorial and Museum in New York City is built upon Ground Zero. Through the nation’s history, this served as the biggest attack on America. The Museum pays tribute to the past events, as well as the hope and fight for the future. During a visit to the museum, one can go through and revisit the history of the 9/11 attack, receiving a greater understanding of what occurred, as well as a sense of closure and peace in knowing the memorial and museum serve the important purpose of remembering those involved who lost their lives.

5 Museums You Have To Visit At Least Once

Rosenbach Museum and Library (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

A dream for book-lovers and an experience that will get you hooked on literature if you aren’t already, the Rosenbach Museum located in the heart of Philadelphia. What began as two brothers personal literature collection grew into a fully equipped museum housing treasures such as the only surviving copy of Benjamin Franklin’s Poor Richard Almanac and the manuscript from James Joyce’s Ulysses. In addition to the final products of these masterpiece classics, included in the museum and library are also original notes and drafts of select literary works, such as the beginning notes for Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Leaving the museum you are sure to have discovered a new love for literature, and a deeper appreciation for the timeless process of creating a work that will in some way leave a mark on the literary world.

5 Museums You Have To Visit At Least Once

Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden (Washington D.C., District of Columbia)

Standing tall just besides the National Mall in Washington D.C., the Hirshhorn Museum takes its interest in art and sculpture made within the last 50 years to present day. Officially established in 1974, the building itself is a piece of artwork. Admired for its architectural design and layout, visitors are just as impressed with the exterior appearance of the museum as they are with the actual work inside. Exhibits of the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden include Suspended Animation, an exhibit that uses digitally generated images to question concepts of reality, Belief + Doubt, an exhibit stretching over walls, ceilings, and floors with words which address conflicting perceptions of democracy, power, and belief, and All The Rules Will Change, an exhibit that urges visitors to experience art as a perceptual experience, including aspects such as hand-held paintings and acrylic disks and columns, emphasizing the museums physical architecture as well.  The experience visitors receive when coming to the Hirshhorn Museum is one that is fully immersive, allowing visitors to be inside the minds of the artists displayed.

5 Museums You Have To Visit At Least Once

Museum of Contemporary Photography (Chicago, Illinois)

Founded in 1976 as a part of Columbia College of Chicago, the Museum of Contemporary Photography captures the work of American and international artists of the 20th century. The museum holds a mission to promote a greater understanding and appreciation of artistic and political connection of the image of the world currently through its works and exhibitions. Exhibitions of the Museum of Contemporary Photography include Burnt Generation: Contemporary Iranian Photography, an exhibit aimed to illustrate through photography how the political unrest and social upheaval of Iran has impacted its people, as well as Midwest Photographers Project: Hossein Fatemi, an exhibit aimed to presenting an alternative view- through personal photographs- of the personal lives of Iranian people that goes beyond their country that has been demonized and isolated because of political warfare. The museum uses the photography as a medium to allow visitors to connect to the exhibits- and the stories the exhibits tell- on a personal and emotional level, giving an experience that is more than seeing, but that is also experiencing and feeling.

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