4 Ways You Can Be Your Own CEO Right Now

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It’s no secret that every Smart Girl wants to run the world; it’s only a matter of when. For now, we can run something else… Our own lives! We compiled a list of our secrets to being your own CEO and decided to share it with our very favorite Smart Girls.



Make CEO Decisions in Your Life

Your life belongs to you, just as a company belongs to its CEO. That means that at the end of the day, you’re the one left with the sole responsibility to make hard decisions. No matter what impact others have in your life, whether that be positive or negative, it is up to you to figure out what you want and what you need. Not digging the idea of going to that party even though all your friends are going? It’s really okay to not show up. Not completely satisfied in your relationship? It’s your choice whether you want to work through the issues or ditch it. Do you think Beyonce got to where she is by making passive decisions and allowing others to control her life? No way! She got to where she is by knowing what she wants and setting out to get it. In the words of Bey herself: “I’m not bossy. I’m the boss.”


Lead a Team on a Project

Be the girl who takes charge on group projects. Be the girl who offers to run a campaign or program for a club or organization. Be the girl who takes initiative and has confidence in her vision. As a leader, you should have an idea of where you want to take your team, but also be receptive to new ideas. In a group setting, it’s easy to face criticism, especially when there are a lot of different personalities working together. Learning how to work with and manage others isn’t easy (at all), which is why it’s important to get a head start—even on the dreaded group projects.

Manage Your Day Like a CEO

Think about the life of a CEO. Think about the meetings and trips and interviews and general work that go on every single day. Do you think a CEO has any time to waste? Probably not—their time is too valuable. You need to act the same (because it is!). Be conscious of the time you’re spending, whether that is related to schoolwork, sports or social media. Once you are aware of what kind of time you’re spending on what, it becomes much easier to prioritize.


Be a GEM

Chloe + Isabel’s Growth and Empowerment Through Merchandising program is the easiest way for college students to truly be their own CEOs. Through this program, you can gain experience in fashion, entrepreneurship, marketing and social media—perfect resume builders. Besides running your own business, perks include: GEM exclusive incentives such as resume writing sessions and a letter of recommendation from CEO Chantel Waterbury, unlimited opportunities to earn free jewelry, the ability to grow your bank account and more. Are there really any negatives?

Click here for more information about GEM and how you can be a part of this program for budding CEOs. Want to connect with a GEM member now? Below is the list of college Smart Girls in GEM!

Ally W. – Marietta College

Andrea M. – University of Wisconsin

Ashlee Z. – Bowling Green University

Brynne M. – Florida State University

Cassie C. – Florida International University

Chelsea D. – New Mexico State University

Courtney B. – Belmont University

Elana P. – Michigan State University

Genevieve B. – Florida Technical University

Hannah Jo B.- University of Oklahoma

Jackie D. – Louisiana State University

Jenna B. – Gardner-Webb University

Jenna S. – Stanford University

Jesse G. – University of Colorado

Jess W. – Kent State University

Johanna C. – Michigan State University  

Karlee D.- University of West Georgia

Karoline K. – Michigan State University

Kelsie D. – Michigan State University

Kim S. – Fordham University  

Kirstin L. – St. Mary’s College

Kristela R. – University of Central Florida

Megan L. – Stevenson University

Nicole L. – Wake Forest University

Riley S. – Baldwin Wallace University

Samantha D. – Savannah College of Art and Design

Samantha H. – University of Alabama  

Samantha Z. – University of Michigan

Sarah R. – University of Virgina

Sophie J. – University of Oregon

Stuti A. – Rutgers University

Taylor H. – George Washington University

Victoria Y.- Johns Hopkins University

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